Saturday, May 1, 2010

Two Years Ago Today. . . . . .

I married my husband!  I guess technically, our anniversary isn't until Monday but who's counting? 

Two years ago today I was a nervous mess, not because I was getting married but instead because my beautiful outdoor ceremony was being threatened by some serious storms.  I know everyone tells you to have a plan B when you plan an outdoor wedding, and I did have a plan B but, in my head I'd always seen myself getting married outside.  I just couldn't accept my plan B.  The Thursday before the wedding was when I first realized that rain was very possible and that night I cried for 2.5 hours.  My poor bridesmaid, Amanda, was staying with me and just didn't know what to do.  She finally got my mom on the phone at like midnight and my mom calmed me down.  Friday the weather report was still giving an 80% chance of not just rain but thunderstorms at the time my ceremony was to begin.  I'm pretty sure I stayed up all night Friday night watching the radar and praying the band of storms that stretched from Kentucky to Florida would somehow just skip right over Georgia.  Saturday morning it looked like the storms had moved faster than expected but there was still a possibility of rain.  We had to be at the venue by 2pm to get our dresses on for pictures and that is when I had to make the call about whether we'd go for outdoors or move it inside.  It rained on us as we drove from my mom's to the venue but once we got there it was gone and the radar didn't indicate anymore rain in the area.  Hallelujah!!!!!!  After all the tears and all the worrying, my wedding was going to happen outside!!!  The sky was full of not so pretty clouds but that was ok

After all the pre-ceremony pictures had been taken and all the guests had arrived it was finally time!  Gus, our pastor and the groomsmen entered from one side.  My bridesmaids and adorable flower girl made their way down the extremely long aisle and now it was my turn!!  Just as my mom and I stepped off the patio of the clubhouse onto the grass the clouds parted ways and the sun came bursting out.  I swear, this is no exaggeration.  It was an absolutely amazing moment and almost every guest commented about it during the reception. 

Our ceremony was short, sweet, and to the point.  I didn't really want a long ceremony to take away from the party!!!!  I love to dance and I wanted to get in as much booty shaking as possible!!! 

All in all, the day was beyond perfect.  I wish my grandmother could have made it but she just couldn't handle the trip from NJ to GA.  All of our other family, friends, and loved ones were there though. 

The last two years have been wonderful.  We bought a house, adopted a dog, and have settled in to our little family.  Gus is an amazing husband who is always there for me and knows how to take care of me.  We laugh all the time and just enjoy life.  I'm so thankful to have found Gus (I can promise when I first met him, I never dreamed he'd be my husband one day.  He just wasn't my "type"!).  I can't wait to celebrate many many many more anniversaries with him. 

How cute is she??

This is one of those "what the heck was I doing??" moments!

This is probably my favorite picture from the wedding


  1. Awwww Happy Anniversary (well technically on Monday)! :) Love the photos, especially the bubbles! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You're right, you were not exaggerating, when you stepped on the grass the clouds parted and it was one of the brightest, sunniest moments I've ever experienced! Happy Anniversary! That was a fun, wonderful day!!!!!!

  3. A belated Happy Anniversary to you!