Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom-Mom!!

Today is my grandmother's 89th birthday!  I hate that I can't be in New Jersey with her to celebrate so a blog post about her will have to do.

My grandmother, Mom-Mom as we call her, is the life of the party in our family.  My grandfather, Pop-Pop, died very suddenly and unexpectedly almost 23 years ago.  Before he died my Mom-Mom was a very introverted person who wouldn't go to new stores alone and really only had friends that were couple friends.  After Pop-Pop's passing we all worried about Mom-Mom being alone in their big house.  About 5 years after his death she decided to sell the house and buy a condo.  This was one of the best decisions she ever made and in my mind helped her live so much longer. 

Mom-Mom bought a condo in a retirement community where everyone has to be 55 or older to purchase.  They offer all kinds of activities and events to the residents.  It only took Mom-Mom about a year to turn into a social butterfly.  Every time I called she had plans to go to the movies, play cards, play bingo, go to a fashion, etc.  It was amazing how my introverted grandmother had turned into such an outgoing person.  Having so much fun also keeps her from feeling "old".  A couple years ago Mom-Mom was having some trouble doing tasks around the house because of pain in her legs.  One of her neighbors, who happens to be about 10 years younger, suggested she get a few tools that have helped her deal with daily tasks.  Mom-Mom's response was "I don't want those, they are for old people!"  I love that she doesn't see herself as old. 

The last two years have been hard medically on her with a couple small strokes and a fall that caused her to break her hip but she keeps chugging along.  At 89 she still lives by herself and drives, although not very far and only in the day time.  I can only hope that I am as happy and independent as she is when I'm that young! 

Here are a few pics of my dear sweet Mom-Mom.
This is my brother, Jason, dancing with Mom-Mom at his wedding.  Everyone at the wedding kept telling her she looked like the Queen Mum.  She loved it!

My brother, mom, mom-mom, and niece.  4 generations

Me and Mom-Mom when I was up there at Christmas.  I look horrible!

Mom-Mom reading to my niece.  Her face is very bruised because she tripped and fell on her face the week before.  I love how in to it my niece is. 

Happy Birthday, Mom-Mom!!  I love you and can't wait to see you in June!!!!

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