Thursday, May 20, 2010


Migraines have come to be the bane of my existence over the last few years.  They suck, the medicines that make them go away come with awful side effects, and it always seems a lose-lose situation.

I got my first migraine in January 2004 and things have been downhill since then.  That first migraine landed me in the ER because I was convinced something was seriously wrong with me.  I never imagined pain could be that severe and only have a diagnosis of a migraine.  Back then I only got migraines every now and then.  As the years went on, the frequency steadily increased until I was getting anywhere from 3-5 migraines a week. 

I've seen numerous neurologists, tried numerous preventatives, tracked my daily habits for triggers, but have had very little luck controlling the migraines.  I have found two drugs, Zomig nasal sprays and Treximet, that will make the migraine go away but as I said, the side effects are awful.  Zomig makes my skin and organs hurt, it's really very strange.  Treximet causes horrible stomach pains.  Both make me very sleepy and dehydrate me. 

Migraines are currently the biggest obstacle for Gus and I when it comes to trying to start a family.  I'm not sure I'm strong enough to fight through migraine pain without the help of drugs.  Zomig and Treximet are part of a family of drugs called Triptans.  Triptans are considered a pregnancy class C drug which means they haven't been studied in pregnant women enough and/or testing on animals indicates they can increase the chance of birth defects.  In the case of Triptans, animals given the drugs have shown a higher frequency of birth defects but animals and humans don't always react the same to medications.  More recent studies indicate pregnant women who have taken triptans during pregnancy have no higher rate of birth defects than the normal population.  These studies are very new and not necessarily something I'm ready to accept for truth though.  On my good days I try to tell myself starting a family means enough to me that I can tough it out without drugs but then when a migraine hits I realize there is just no way.  As badly as I want to start a family, I don't want to risk the health of a future baby. 

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