Monday, May 17, 2010

Double Wedding Weekend

Gus and I attended a wedding on both Friday night and Saturday night this weekend.  Two weddings in one weekend is fun but a bit exhausting.

The first wedding was for a couple we used to work with, Abbie & Chris.  Just like Gus and I, Abbie and Chris met while working at Mercury Insurance.  I left Mercury about 6 months after Gus and I started dating though and never actually worked with Abbie.  I met her through our mutual Mercury friends several years ago though.   Chris and Abbie are both wonderful people and fun to be around.  Their wedding was gorgeous and the rain held off until the ceremony and pictures were complete. 

Me and the beautiful bride -

Saturday night was really just a reception since the bride and groom had tied the knot in Vegas in March.  The groom, James, is long time wonderful friend of mine.  We met when I was a freshman in high school and were instantly friends.  James has always been there for me throughout the years and I truly value his friendship.  It was so nice to catch up with his family since I don't think I've seen them in several years. 

James and Me

Gus and Me

Sunday was spent running errands and spending time with Roxey dog.  I guess Gus spent more time with Roxey as I was laid up with a migraine for part of the day.  My migraines will soon get a post dedicated to them.  They suck and I feel bad for anyone else who deals with them.  We had a great week overall though!

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