Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is it over yet?

This weeks seems to just be dragging by and I'm so in need of a weekend!  We've had one heck of a week in our house. . . here is the quick rundown.
 - Discover condensate pump on lower level ac unit had leaked all over the unfinished part of our basement
 - Go to HD to try to buy a replacement part for pump/look new ones. 
 - Pump can't be fixed so we go home to read reviews of HD pump, reviews are AWFUL.
 - Hike it to Lowes (there are 3 HDs within a 5 mile radius of our house but the closest lowes is 10 miles      away) and buy a pump from there.
 - Install new pump, 15 minutes later new pump cracks and leaks all over floor.  Must hike it back to Lowes to return.
 - Decide tube to outside of house must be clogged and causing the pumps to break.  Look at two HDs and 1 Lowes, all in one night, to find enough tubing to replace. 

Gus has installed all the new tubing but he didn't finish until 10pm last night and it was too late to stay up and test it.  Thank goodness it's been a little cooler down here so Roxey is fine in the house with no AC.

I'm thankful the weekend is almost here but with 2 weddings to attend I'm afraid it won't be the relaxing, peaceful weekend I really need.  Hope you are all having a better week than us.  I'll leave you with a picture of our spoiled Roxey pup, I just love her to pieces.

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