Friday, April 23, 2010

Meet Roxey

I'll admit, all my life I've been a cat person. We only had one dog growing up who was way too big and out of control. I always had cats though. Somehow I managed to marry someone who was allergic to cats though! Most of my friends were shocked to find out I wanted a dog but it was the only way I could have a pet.  Last June after begging for over a week, Gus finally gave in and let me adopt this cutie pie

That picture is from her ad and the moment I saw it I was in love.  Something about that sweet little face screamed "you have to be my mommy, please come rescue me!"   Gus wasn't so smitten.  He agreed she was cute but he wasn't quite ready for the lifestyle change a dog requires.  I thought it was perfect timing!  We'd been in our house almost a year, could easily afford a dog, and had a fenced in backyard.   Everyday I'd look up her profile and fall in love all over again.  I just couldn't get her out of mind so I did what any desperate female would do. . . I talked about her non-stop

Gus was so sick of hearing about Crickett (her name at the time), he gave me the go ahead to call the shelter to see if she was still available.  After chatting with her foster mom we set up an appointment to meet her.  She was just as sweet and adorable in person.  The shelter came to our house to make sure it was puppy safe and two days later, she was ours!!!!!! 

Here is a picture from the day we got her, she was definitely bigger than in her petfinder pic.  Her left ear was a little funky and always sat on top of her head.  It finally straigtened itself out though.

Life with Roxey has definitely been interesting.  She's very loving while being extremely demanding.  She loves all dogs, people, cats, birds, etc and thinks they all want to be her best friend.  Roxey doesn't quite understand that not all people like dogs and would prefer she not kiss them, jump on them, and shove her toys in their face. 

I have so many Roxey stories to share but those will come in time, this post is long enough.

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  1. How adorable!!! So cute. Thanks for adopting your pet. Being a puppy-mommy is the best in the world. :)
    -mrs.forrister, atlanta nestie