Friday, April 23, 2010

Jumping In!

Welcome to my first blog! I've always been jealous of my friends with fun, exciting blogs but could never convince myself that I am interesting, whitty, or funny enough to have a blog of my own. I would also get stuck at what kind of blog it would be. I love reading cooking blogs but live in a very picky household with nothing good to share. I love to bake but my creations are far from interesting or unique. I think I've decided on just a random blog with stories about my life as a wife and a mom to one strange pup.

I'll start with an introduction. I'm Susie Q and have been married to Gus for almost two years now. (Obviously, these are not our real names and at some point I will spill where they came from). Last June, we adopted our adorable puppy, Roxey. She is certainly not your average dog but that just means I have many stories to tell. I've lived in Georgia all 30 years of my life, minus a miserable 15 weeks in Birmingham, AL. I love it here and don't see myself ever leaving. Not long after getting married Gus and I purchased our first home, boy has homeownership been more challenging than I imagined.

I'm going to try my best to be diligent and keep this blog up, we'll see how it goes. I'm that girl who takes her camera everywhere she goes but never actually takes any pictures. Here's to hopeing having a blog will remind me to some pictures!

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