Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I tried to set my kitchen on fire last night.  Thankfully, I failed. 

I was making dinner and got a little distracted after I started heating the pan with the oil.  By the time I threw the ground beef in the oil was way too hot.  Oil was suddenly popping and spewing itself all over my stove.  I grabbed the pan, hoping to pull it off the heat so the oil would calm down, but instead the flame from the burner caught some oil and flared up.  The oil in the pan also caught fire.  So, I'm standing in the kitchen with flames shooting from the burner while holding a pan that is also shooting flames!!  Gus was there but his first instinct was turn on water in the sink to which I gave him an "are you an idiot, this is a GREASE fire" look.   He turned the water back off immediately. 

I stood there holding the pan with a flame at least 2 ft high for what felt like 5 minutes but in reality was like 45 seconds and then the fire went out on it's own.  WHEW!!!  I was actually impressed with how calmed I stayed considering dinner was on FIRE and only an arms length away from me.  Luckily, the ground beef was fine and dinner went on as planned. 

This is totally my life though.  I actually enjoy cooking and baking but in general, I totally suck at both.  Every now and then I have small successes that seem to impress my friends and family but trust me, those are few and far between.  The first time I ever made dinner for Gus, I ended up melting a plastic purple plate to one of the burners on my apartment stove.  I also made him a cheesecake once but forgot to add the sugar, GROSS!  He's pretty used to my failures now and we can both laugh them off but in the beginning it was pretty embarrassing!

What are your biggest cooking or baking blunders??

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