Monday, September 27, 2010

All I want for my birthday is. . . . .

A trampoline!!  This trampoline to be exact: (ok, not with the green and yellow pads though)

I had a trampoline just like this when I was younger.  One of my biggest regrets in life was just throwing it out when my mom sold my childhood home.  I had nowhere to store it though.  The trampoline itself was still in perfect shape, it just needed new spring pads.  If only I could go back to the day when we placed all it's parts at the end of the driveway.  It makes me want to cry thinking about how I just tossed my beloved trampoline. 

Now that I have a home of my own, all I want to do is go out in my backyard and play on a trampoline.  Our backyard has the perfect spot for this trampoline I desire. . . .well it will have the perfect spot after a few trees come down! I've begged Gus to buy it for me for my birthday but the almost $800 price tag on it seems to be an issue (there are cheaper trampolines out there but I won't settle for anything else). I guess I'll just have to save up and buy it myself, just like I did with my first trampoline.

I realize I'm not as young and acrobatic as I used to be but I really think a trampoline would fix that!  Yes, I see stars when I do a cartwheel or a handstand these days.  Yes, I had several "incidents" on my first trampoline but all were fixed with a quick trip to the ER.   Honestly, I only had to go to the ER once and that was after my dear friend, Becky, used my body as the trampoline, instead of the actual trampoline mat. OUCH!  I went flying off into the woods a few times, once face first, but I always managed to land in a manner as not to injure myself. 
I figure I can save up the money just in time for spring!  Who wants to be on my trampoline party guest list?!?  =)

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  1. Yes, still so sorry about that Allison! Then I went and knocked your teeth out at space camp. I'm lucky we're still friends!