Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prayers, Please.

I need prayers for my grandmother.  Yesterday morning she was taken to the hospital via ambulance, again.  This is about her 6th trip to the hospital this year.  It's the same problem, she's throwing up and can't keep any food or drink in her system.  Currently, she only weighs 89lbs.  The doctors can't ever seem to figure out what is causing her stomach to refuse anything put in it.  

I have two aunts, one who lives in FL, Aunt D and one who lives not far from my grandmother in NJ, Aunt L.  Well, Aunt L happened to be in FL visiting Aunt D for the holiday weekend.  When they found out my grandmother was in the hospital again they tried to get to get flights from FL to NJ but due to the holiday weekend they couldn't.  They hoped in Aunt D's car and headed north, stopping in Atlanta  to get my mom.  After driving through the night, they all made it safely to NJ about 8:30 this morning. 

The doctors did some testing on my grandmother today but we still don't have any answers as to what's wrong.  It's just so frustrating that she's been to the hospital for the same thing so many times this year and we haven't made any progress diagnosing or fixing the problem. 

My mom and sisters are starting to consider whether my grandmother should continue to live alone or if it's time to find somewhere else.  My grandmother is fiercely independent and the loss of that independence will really hurt her spirit.  I can't imagine she will willingly go anywhere else.  She loves her condo, her kitty, and her fabulous neighbors.  At 89 she has a better social life than most people I know.  She plays bingo a couple times a week, plays cards once a week, goes to the movies, to plays, etc.  Her friends are wonderful to her and always make sure she has everything she needs.  She also still drives although somewhat infrequently and only short distances. 

My biggest fear is she'll move to an assisted living home and lose her vibrancy and love of life.  When my grandfather was still around my grandmother was a very shy woman.  She wouldn't go to a new store on her own, had very few friends of her own, and pretty much just kept to herself.  My grandfather died almost 23 years ago though.  About 5 years after his death my grandmother decided she no longer could keep up with their large house and bought a condo in a "retirement community".  All of a sudden she was a whole knew woman.  She changed from this quite, reclusive woman, to the life of the party.  I'm convinced if she hadn't moved to this community, she would have passed a long time ago. 

Please pray the doctors find out what is wrong and have a way to treat her.  If she could get her strength back she could easily still live on her own.  I hate being so far away but I just can't go up there right now.  My plan is to go in July and I'm really praying that she will be feeling better by then.  I would greatly appreciate any thoughts and prayers for her.  She's very much the glue that holds our family together. 

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  1. ::hugs:: Your grandmother and your family are definitely in my prayers sweetie. My husband's grandmother just passed away a week ago and her funeral is tomorrow. I know how tough it is. Hang in there and I hope the doctors find out what's going on with your grandmother.